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"Mlaniin" is an apparel company founded in 2020 and currently focusing on innerwear for Muslim women that want to look modest without any boundaries. We set our standard high in term of our design and our production. Quality control is significant in every state of production in order to achieve high standard that we have set. Aiming to fulfill the demand of our targeted consumers, each of our products is perfected through proper research and development.

We offer a wide range of innerwear for modest women on our online store. Currently, focusing on modest fashion innerwear we sell apparels such as turtle neck inner tops and leggings. Which we later will expand to even more range of products.

Our Business

Why Us?

Aiming to give Muslim women the confidence and comfort that they need to keep their modesty when putting the outfit of their choice, our innerwear is made to feel like your second skin. The name Mlaniin itself was taken from the word Melanin that means pigments of the skin. Just like the skin melanin our innerwear includes a wide range of colors that will make it easier for modest women to layer their outfit. Prioritizing comfort for our consumers, Mlaniin was made from materials that feel smooth on the skin. Apart from that, Mlaniin clings to your body lightly making you feel secured but not suffocating when layering. Therefore, giving endless possibilities for Muslim women to express their selves. We're giving modest women freedom to express themselves comfortably without any boundaries even when they are covered modestly.

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